Thursday, December 6, 2012

10 ways to say thank you at work

ORLANDO, Fla. – Dec. 6, 2012 – The fast pace of the residential real estate industry makes it easy to take Realtors and the support staff for granted, and to overlook how they contribute to the growth and success of the overall business. For that reason, it’s important year-round, but especially over the holidays, for realty firm heads to say “Thank you” to staff and agents.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the No. 1 reason people leave their job is a lack of appreciation. For business owners, the cost of that turnover can be extremely high.

“Think about what it cost you (your time, marketing, admin support, training, etc.) to attract the last experienced agent who joined your company,” an article in RISMedia says. The article then lists 10 ways to say thank you beyond the always-welcome cash bonus.

One of the easiest ways to say thank you is to give a handwritten, personalized thank-you note to each staff member and agent. In each, highlight the one thing they bring to the company that you appreciate most.

Another idea: Send a companywide e-mail reflecting on the positive events of the past year, with a note on they ways staff and agents contributed to the company’s success.

Some bosses buy flowers or a seasonal plant for the people who answer the phones and work the realty offices’ front desk. This makes the office look nicer, too.

Other suggestions range from having a potluck meal at the office or ordering food if the budget allows; closing the office early the day before the holidays; and recognizing top-performing Realtors and employees with awards.

Finally, the article suggests that thanking staff should last all year. “Make being thankful a part of your company’s culture moving forward and find ways to regularly appreciate the good work that your team is doing.”

Source: RISMedia (12/02/12)

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