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The Agents' Toolbox

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Interinvestments Realty® Digital Newsletter
                                Newsletter date: 1/3/12
Tool #1: Review and readjust
It’s 2012! The New Year is here, and when all the festivities have faded away, it’s time to review and readjust our yearly business plan. The Real Estate Industry is changing at a very fast pace and before you feel the consequences of this ever changing market, you must pause and spend a moment to  rethinking and retool your activities in order to achieve the best results.
Tool # 2: Know your market
Facts of the South Florida real estate market:
• Approximately 60% of all buyers of existing homes and condos are foreign
• 90% of new construction buyers are from out of the country, as well
• One-in-four foreign buyers buy in Florida
• 85% of buyers began their search online and of those, at least 75% are not represented by a Realtor®
                                • The South Florida condo market continues to be driven by Brazilian, Venezuelan and Argentinian buyers
Tool #3: Plan, create and execute
To conquer this market successfully you will need:
• A plan to approach International buyers
• Knowledge, information and a special relationship with the main homebuilders in the area
• A proper Internet strategy
• Be prepared to get business online
• Google? Craigslist? Blogging?
• Search Engines Optimization
• Websites as presentation tools
• International Brokers network
Tool #4: Assess your current possibilities
Is your current Broker offering you the proper tools that you need to be successful? Are you properly positioned to better serve the South Florida market’s demands?
Tool #5: Evaluate your current Broker
Read and score the following statements:
1 = Strong agree
                                2 = Agree somewhat
                                3 = Disagree
A score of 15 or more suggest a Change of Brokers may be in order
                                __ I enjoy going to work each day.
                                __ I feel a strong sense of personal satisfaction and achievement in my work.
                                __ I do not spend my time prospecting.
                                __ All my contracts close.
                                __ I feel good about the amount of money I am earning in proportion to my efforts.
                                __ I sell the best properties in the industry.
                                __ I receive lots of  leads from my Broker?
                                __ Does your current company have an International presence?
                                __ Is the average sales price in your current office over $200,000.00?
                                __ Do you benefit from your current office in-house training?
Tool #6: How your Broker compares to Interinvestments Realty®
Interinvestments Realty® special niche designed for your success:
• Adbuilder.pro builds professional personalized multi-language ads in seconds
• Linkbuilder.pro builds location and development links to optimize your website
• International presence in our award winning multi-language website
• International and local leads from the Internet. (We receive more than 1,500,000 hits each month).
• International access to our network of Foreign Brokers who consistently refer buyers and investors to us for business opportunities.
• Special arrangements with Builders/Developers for higher commissions and bonuses!
• Advanced commission programs with Developers.
• Access to exclusive private real estate auctions.
• Commercial & Business opportunity trainers and coaches.
• Foreclosure, REO, short sales and special HUD homes training.
• A team of attorneys, lenders, title company and specialized counselors that will assist us in every transaction.
• Property Management services provided via Royalty Concierge
Tool #7:  Tips for a successful 2012
Rismedia reported on 12/18/11:
Became a specialist and target a niche market in your real estate business in 2012. Here are some tips for success in the New Year.
1. What’s working and what isn’t? First evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of a current marketing plan. Second, identify your talents and skills. Define the strategies that match your skills. If you want to try something new- for example, the mailing of postcards to reach a new farm- make sure you have enough resources to cover the cost of the project for a period of at least 6 months, if you don’t have the resources, don’t start the project. Implementing a new marketing strategy without giving it enough time to succeed will only dilute the effectiveness of your other marketing programs, because it will sap you of time, effort and energy.
                                2. Hone your sales skills. Jot down a list of the areas where you feel you need improvement. Vow to become more educated and try role-playing exercises to allow you to speak with more confidence and knowledge.
                                3. Re-evaluate your branding and the demographics you’re targeting. To be successful, it’s important to constantly evaluate what types of homes people are looking for in your area, and what they are willing to pay. After you figure out what type of clients you want to target, take the time to adjust your marketing strategy to their preferences.
                                4. Update your profile and marketing materials. Chances are, if your pictures and business cards make you look like you are 25 years younger than you actually are, then it’s time for an update. Shocking the customer is typically not a good idea. Also make sure your resume and website reflect today’s customer, given the financial environment.

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